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Hard-Fi formed in 2002 and consist of Richard Archer (vocals), Ross Philips (guitar), Kai Stephens (bass), and Steve Kemp (drums).

In October 2004 Hard-Fi released the self produced “Stars of CCTV” with Necessary Records, an album which cost a few hundred pounds to record and was produced in a rented taxi office. The limited run of 1000 copies sold out instantly. The album with new artwork and three new tracks was released via Atlantic Records the following June, the result being five hit singles and the album becoming a UK number one an unprecedented six months after its release. Before the year's end, Hard-Fi earned a Mercury Music Prize nomination for Stars of CCTV. Two Brit Award nominations followed in early 2006 — for Best British Group and Best British Rock Act. The band also broke the record for having five sold out consecutive gigs at the London’s Brixton Academy.

The follow up “Once Upon a Time in the West”, was released in September of 2007 and went straight to number one in the UK album charts.

Their third album Killer Sounds, which features the singles "Good for Nothing", "Fire in the House" and "Bring It On", was released on 19 August 2011 and debuted at number 9 on the UK Album Chart.


Dirty Goods

Dirty Goods may be based in Newport, South Wales, but don’t start reaching for your best ‘Shameless’ clichés or imagining another band set to display the urban deprivation of their environment. They may be a band with a brain as well as a groove but Dirty Goods are less about chronicling the wasteland they see around them and more about extracting the joy and fun out of their music and their community in a positive way.

It wasn’t always like this. When Wylee (Vocals, Guitar) moved to Newport to study at the College of Art and met Woody (bass) and Mikee (Drums) the band didn’t flash into existence. The three had known each other for some time, Newport isn’t a big place and like minds tend to congregate, but that friendship persisted for some years before the Wylee and Woody plus drum machine version of Dirty Goods were laughed at by Mikee post show and responded by getting him to join.

Dirty Goods shows are already building their own mythology. With Newport gigs regularly topping crowds of a thousand, the band’s recent Hoxton show was so over-subscribed that a second, impromptu show in the street averted what could have been a difficult situation.

Somewhere in all this the band have been recording with tracks laid down for their debut release, their debut mini-album and plenty more in store that will be known to those who have caught their live shows for a full album before the year’s end.

Dirty Goods are Antony J "Wylee" Smith - Vocals Guitar, James "Woody" Wood - Bass Keys Vocals,     Mikee Gregory - Drums Percussion Vocals.

‘Dirty Goods’ is released on 4th June 2012.






Comprising David Boon (lead vocals, guitar), Lorcan Moriarty (guitar), Paddy McKeown (guitar, vocals), Matthew Smithson (bass), Adam Bishop (percussion, keyboard, vocals) and Anthony Gibbons (drums), Maupa are a gang of lifelong friends who exist in a dreamy, head-spinning orbit around the reality of North West life.

Maupa won the UK leg of the first "Discoveries": Launched by Wanadoo in association with XFM, a talent contest organised across four countries - France, Spain, the UK and the Netherlands - to promote new music.

Maupa signed to Necessary Records in 2003 and in February 2004 the band released their debut single, Helpless. As the single received the first of many plays on Radio 1 and XFM, the NME described Helpless as "a Mad Richard waggly foot away from genius" while The Fly magazine added "Maupa produce some of the most beautiful, haunting sounds you¹re ever likely to hear".




Distophia came into existence in 2000 when Pete Dixon met bass player Sebastian Lenton, gifted drummer Tom Whitfield and lo-fi singer-songwriter John Biggs.

In March 2003 the Midlands four piece entered The Vicarage Studios in Staffordshire to record their debut album. Just ten hours later they emerged with ‘Soda Lake’ – eight tracks of perfect pop welded to cascading swathes of white noise and feedback

The album’s standout track ‘Joanne’ snowballed in popularity, receiving heavy rotation on Radio 1, XFM and MTV 2 while the band’s gigs became increasingly riotous. The band quickly caught the attention of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs who, having been to check out the band, described Distophia simply as “awesome”. Jetplane Landing were then so impressed by ‘Soda Lake’ that they invited Distophia to join them on tour and after just a few shows were introducing Distophia on stage as “the best band in Britain”.